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 Consciousness Leadership Without Authority 

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Leading without authority may soon replace the traditional hierarchical structures dominated by old-time “org charts” that determine how authority and information traverse among executives, managers, supervisors and employees. In today’s fast-paced business environment, such structures are now seen as growth impediments. At the same time, self-service technologies such as social media, mobility and the cloud encourage more collaborative activities.

In this environment, leadership becomes increasingly fluid — a project or task successfully led by individuals without formal titles or specific authority. People simply step up to the challenge, confident they have the wherewithal to take the initiative, with their unique skills coming to bear at times of need.

We will explore:
• Elements of Effective Leadership
• Competence by Leadership
• Predictors of Success
• Generational Differences
• Job Competence
• Controlling your Basis
• Creating an Environment of Motivation
• Fairness
• Effective Outcomes, Objectives, Feedback & Comments​