The Challenge: Employees and Managers are unable to find time and resources to spend hours or days attending training programs.

The Solution: Provide at a reduced cost a Blended Mirco Learning Program requiring less or no classroom time. Allow employees to use various learning preferences before coming into a learning environment. Making your training lesson short, flexible, independent and mobile (able to cover material while commuting or on smartphones).

In this session you will learn:

  • Strategies on creating working competency training video and material
  • The fundamentals on how to create short inexpensive videos
  • Leveraging free serves like YouTube
  • Basic Equipment: Laptop, Webcam, Microphone
  • Explore free and open source recording and editing software
  • Create pictures and graphics with easy
  • Convert videos into podcasts or audio files
  • Easy ways to get transcripts

By providing succinct information in various formats you allow your employees to access training information at any time, place, or format that complements their preferred learning style. It use to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce videos and distribute them worldwide. Today with a laptop and an Internet connection we can do it for $0. If you do a lot of repetitive training sessions, it may be easier to record yourself once and allow people to view those sessions at their convenience. Freeing you and your employee to focus on their actual jobs.

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 Blended Microlearning on a Shoestring Budget 

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