Adam Czarnecki from Talent Tactics’ Workplace Respect Seminar takes an unconventional and unique physiological look at why we behave and act in certain ways and why it’s so difficult to change. We discuss how ignored unprofessional behaviors lead to harassment and violence. And discuss various strategies for employees, witnesses, and managers on how to address behaviors that are observed or experienced.

This is a 30 minute complimentary video, online test and certificate of completion (based on the full 2 hours in house training session) that can be used as part of your legal requirement to training your employees to recognized and address workplace violence, bullying and harassment.

The Full 2 hours Seminar information is below:

The Seminar is a combination of:

  • Informational material (70%)
  • Group participation and Interaction (15%)
  • Videos (15%).
  • Time: 2 hours (50 min, 10 min break, 60 min)
  • It is recommended Managers/Supervisors/Leads receive separate sessions from front line employees as focus and emphasis changes depending on attendees’ specific responsibilities in an organization.

Feedback from participates:

  • “The best Workplace Respect Seminar I have attended, and I’ve been to quite a few.”
  • “Exactly what we needed to hear.”
  • “I can’t believe how much relevant information I’ve received in this session.”
  • “This explains so much more than disrespectful behavior.”
  • “You nailed home a lot of points.”

   Workplace Respect Training

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