Constructive Feedback: Free 1 Day Course in 58 Minutes

After posting my talk "Teaching shouldn't be a Football Game" I was asked by a peer how could you possibly edit a one day course into 1 hour course without losing elements. The idea is one hour courses become repeatable, just in time, flexible, and you focus on core competencies not everything. This way students would be able refer back to the micro talks instead just taking a 1 day course in the hopes they will retain the information when required in a couple weeks or months... or years.

No one is going to watch a 1 day course on Youtube. So in the spirit of Micro Learning I have produced my Constructive Feedback Seminar into 9 Independent Modules so you can focus only on what is important to you in 58 minutes. Made for different learning style: watch, listen, read or apply now.

Reflection and recollection are the most effective learning strategies. If you complete The Constructive Feedback Worksheet after each video you will be able to retrieve the information quicker, retain the information better and be able to apply it when required.

You can Binge Watch but 1 Video a Day is recommended for better retention

Stress (3:09)– We don’t think clearly when we are stressed. 

Habits (8:52) – 95% of our behavior is habit, which makes change difficult.

Expectations (5:46) – We usually don’t share how we expect others to behave.

Gossip (3:49) – Why we talk about everyone, except the people we need to talk to.

Common Sense (2:53) – Why common sense is not that common.

When to give Feedback (7:55) – Examples when you can give feedback and when you should not.

General Feedback (5:41) – Why general Feedback is useless. Great Job! 

The Feedback Plan (14:08) – The core of the Talk, how to make a plan for a difficult conversation.

Feedback Tips (6:06) - Finally some last minute tips on giving Constructive Feedback.

Written Transcripts (24 Pages) Just skim for information you can do that too. 

Audio Version (58:13)- if you don’t have time to watch the series download the audio version and listen in your car or when you are doing choirs.  

Full Video Version (58:13) – The whole video series all in one place.

This is just one part of a larger whole. Hopefully this give you enough information to get started on the road to providing better Constructive Feedback.