I had never thought about how much time is my actual productive time. During Adam Czarnecki's presentation, I learned how to identify my productive time and, surprisingly, I realized how little it was. And, on the other hand, I found out the huge amount of time that I was wasting in non-productive activities. Now, I am working on the improvement of my time management. I am sure it will help me, not only with my professional career but with my personal and family relationships.

Freddy Caceres, Time Management  2018

I had lots of positive feedback from the seminar – our employees really liked it; they enjoyed your style and humour – very engaging!  We found your information, tips and wording of key phrases useful, practical and relatable. The Respectful Workplace seminar was also a great segue for our DiSC workshop yesterday afternoon. The summary and links that you provided are really helpful as well, and add value. I would refer you and recommend your seminar to anyone! Great delivery and value!

Nicki Krygier, Human Resources Manager Surrideo Orthodontics 2018

Adam is a great instructor. He is always finding ways to make the content more interesting by sharing videos, blogs and providing constant feedback to all students. The experience was lovely and I would, for sure, would in the future enroll in another course where Adam is the instructor.

Recruitment and Selection 2018

Adam is an excellent instructor and I would like to take more courses with him. I learned a lot and enjoyed the combination of video interviews with industry experts and class discussions. The assignments were challenging and very applicable to real life. Excellent course!

Recruitment and Selection 2018

Fantastic instructor! My favourite in all my classes. It is really clear he puts all his energy into getting everyone engaged and providing the most thorough and applicable learning. I actually enjoyed the assignments! He clearly wants everyone to succeed and is very approachable with questions too. Thanks Adam!!

Recruitment and Selection 2018

He was fantastic. Very engaged, passionate and knowledgeable, need more instructors like him!

Recruitment and Selection 2018

He was hands down the best instructor I have had thus far with my online courses. He goes over and above for his students. Super impressed and I'd definitely take another course taught by him again.

Recruitment and Selection 2018

I would like to thank you again for the wonderful training you provided for our management team. It was such a success they are already asking for more!

CANA 2018

Adam Czarnecki is one of the best teachers I have had at U of C, he explains everything perfectly with practical examples to give a better understanding of the concept.

Human Resources Management 2018

Great class! This was my first class in the HR certificate program and Adam Czarnecki has really inspired me that HR was the right choice.

Human Resources Management 2018

Adam Czarnecki is very knowledgeable about HR and passionate about teaching. He brought so much additional value into the classroom by proving us with so many resources and perspectives. I hope to be able to take more classes with Adam. Great class!

Human Resources Management 2018

Great instructor and provided good examples that made the material easier to grasp.

Human Resources Management 2018

Great instructor, thoughtful and very well equipped with a great deal of practical knowledge.

Human Resources Management 2018

He made the class practical and enjoyable. I learned new things and the 3 hour classes flew by. I can't say enough good things about him, he really knew his stuff and understood how to create a positive atmosphere for the students. Very personable and relatable.

Human Resources Management 2018

Great course, I learned a lot, and taught by a great instructor. I couldn't have asked for better.

Human Resources Management 2018

Great course. Found it very informative I really appreciated the exercises we did in class that forced us to apply ourselves. I also really enjoyed that there was no group assessments, it was incredibly refreshing.

Human Resources Management 2018

Very well organized. Adam Czarnecki respected our time as some of us are working full time but provided meaningful activities to learn from.

Human Resources Management 2018

Adam Czarnecki is so passionate about teaching the field of HR and passing on best practices. He is innovative in his approach to both teaching and the way he looks at his career.

Human Resources Management 2018

This course was such a pleasure. I really learned a lot and enjoyed attending.

Human Resources Management 2018

AI really enjoyed this course. Exchange of opinions and questions are encouraged. There are lots of examples that can help you understand the lesson more other than just relying on the book.
Human Resources Information Management 2018

This was a great course. Adam Czarnecki really knows his material and I took lots of helpful real-world tips that I can use right away in my current work.
Human Resources Information Management 2018

We had a great interactive opportunity to learn more about HRIM. This is the best class I have taken yet. Adam Czarnecki used great, real examples that we can apply now, he covered the information we needed, and he had a great fun attitude.
Human Resources Information Management 2018

I would recommend him as an instructor and this class he teaches.
Human Resources Information Management 2018

He encompassed all types of learning styles, allowed timely breaks and provided great resources to explore outside of class. Thank you Adam!
Human Resources Information Management 2018

Adam Czarnecki is a great instructor. I’ve learned a lot in this course.
Human Resources Information Management 2018

Great class, interactive learning, entertaining and made class fun. He provided valuable content that I will use. Thank you!
Human Resources Information Management 2018

In addition to the regular course material, Adam provided a lot of additional information to make us all better at our jobs. I really enjoyed this class and think all HR professionals would benefit from taking it.
Human Resources Information Management 2018

I really enjoyed this class and I like Adam Czarnecki's teaching style. He uses his real experiences and ideas to teach and not just the text book. I would highly recommend this class.
Human Resources Information Management 2018

Adam's generosity and expertise as a volunteer voice in a professional development community that I manage has been crucial to the success of a number of members (including myself) in reaching our career goals. He has given of himself completely unselfishly with absolutely nothing to gain personally and his frank, action-oriented advice has changed lives for many people. My appreciation of Adam's ongoing participation carries the weight of the nearly 200 other members in the group that have also benefited from his active participation. Thank you, Adam. From me, the entire community I speak for, and our families.

Steven Ward, M.P.A. Founder, Chief Strategy Consultant at Clout Digital Marketing 2017

Along with much-valued feedback, Adam was very helpful in providing me with links to a number of videos he personally authored to help people with their careers. Thanks Adam for all of your support!

Eric North, Author 2017

Adam brings a level of energy to a room I've seldom seen. He's engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable in the content that he presents. The amount of passion and thought that he brings to every project makes him a pleasure to work with.

Job Search 2016

I'm pleased to share my experience with Adam as a presenter for the session, "Job Search Secrets from an HR Professional" for our Mentoring Program participants seeking employment. He provided valuable and practical insights in an engaging and humorous manner. Our participating Members were very appreciative of his very informative and enjoyable session. Adam is a rare find - both a subject matter expert and a skilled facilitator. His technical savvy provided additional value add for participants with a link to the recorded session. Our organization benefited from having him share his knowledge with Members on three occasions. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a presenter on this topic. 2016

"The APEGA Mentoring Program hosted two networking evenings for our mentors and mentees in Calgary (April 2016). The topic was Job Search Secrets from an HR Professional and Adam was our speaker. Excellent content (content is king...), but also engaging, funny and down-to-earth. Post-event comments from participants included "I loved how honest he was about HR practices", "Appreciated the reality checks and advice to get out of the house" and "This was one of the best presentations on job search techniques I've ever attended". I would certainly recommend Adam as an expert on this topic." 2016

On March 2016, I attended a job search boot camp as a Career Coach and Adam was a Key Note Speaker - on accessing the Hidden Job Market. Adam delivered a thought provocative presentation full of insightful information backed with real life examples, experiences and facts on modern ways of job searching. He spoke in an inspiring and entertaining manner and it was easy to see his authentic passion when providing participants modern job searching tools. He also provided valuable insight into the ever changing job market especially on networking to get a job. Adam is a Subject Matter Expert Speaker with a great sense of humour and it is an honour for me to recommend him. 2016

I had a chance to listen to Adam in recent Job Search Boot Camp held at Fort Calgary and I would say that it was an awesome experience. It was wonderful listening to him presenting lively and full of humour. He has lots of inspirational and effective insights, giving fresh information and useful ideas especially to the person like me who is new in professional networking. He is definitely an effective public speaker, I should say. You're such a blessing Adam, keep it up. Kudos to you and to all HR advisors. 2016

Adam has been a presenter at our Employment Communication Workshop which is geared for our professional clients.Adam provided the students with a very comprehensive overview of several topics including resume writing and interview skills.His enthusiasm, practical examples and engaging speaking skills kept the class involved for the full 2 hours! I would highly recommend Adam to speak to any group that wants to learn more about job search strategies. 2016

I am honored to take this opportunity to tell you about having Adam as the Educational and Motivational keynote speaker at Job Search Boot Camp. He took the time to tailor his remarks on subject matter to audience and was engaging and inspiring. His presentation packed with telling statistics and surprising paradoxes. His passion for the subject matter is infectious. It is rare to find a speaker who connect with the entire audience but Adam did exactly this. With high energy and engaging presentation style he captured the audience's attention with a refreshing dose of good humor and left us all brainstorming with new way of thinking. Adam hit it out of the park! There is no doubt in my mind that Adam is one of the best speaker I have ever heard! 2016

I recently attended Adam present at the Job Search Bootcamp, and was very impressed by both his presentation style and content. For many, his talk was the highlight of the day. I appreciate Adam's humour, and his ability to highlight attitudes and approaches that are clearly ineffective, and provide concrete alternative. Adam is generous in sharing resources and is eager to help others succeed in their careers. 2016

I recently had an opportunity to hear Adam speak to a group of new Canadians. He delivered an excellent and inspirational presentation mixed with humour, encouragement and hope. It was a brilliant delivery which motivated and empowered the audience. Adam had a unique ability to be entertaining, humorous, professional, energetic, motivational and informative in his presentation. The delivery was powerful and extremely beneficial for the audience. Adam has a genuine commitment to using his story, experience, knowledge and abilities to make a positive impact on individuals and communities. He is definitely a valuable speaker for any conference and seminar. 2016

I was lucky enough to hear Adam speak at two Job Search boot camps where I was a Job Coach. Adam had prepared an excellent presentation with Powerpoint, and proceeded to use humor and knowledge of the topics to engage with the crowd. The participants who attended felt it was an excellent presentation - for the information presented and the manner in which it was presented. I would recommend Adam for any public speaking engagement where you would like a dynamic but down-to-earth speaker.  2016

I met Adam when he was my instructor for an HRIM course at Mt. Royal. I did not expect Adam to be such a dynamic, engaging instructor nor did I expect Adam to be so genuinely helpful when it comes to job search tips. Adam has given excellent talks on networking, resume writing, interviewing and accessing the hidden job market that are a must watch for anyone looking for a job. I would highly recommend Adam if you are looking for a speaker that is positive, entertaining and informative. Adam, it has been a pleasure to be a student in your class and a listener to your talks on YouTube. 2016

I've had the pleasure of working with Adam for a few years and can attest to the enthusiasm and innovative thinking he brings to both his HR management and his speaking engagements. His speaking style is crisp and vibrant, Adam is truly a clear and effective communicator. He puts a lot of work into his course content and it shows, not only in the growing size of his classes but also in the engagement and attentiveness of his audience. Adam is a true ‘up and comer’ in HR, someone to watch and a person who will enrich any network. 2016

Extremely engaging is one word that comes to mind when I think about Adam. I have been fortunate to hear Adam present on panels and observe him in his role as an instructor at the University of Calgary. I am always particularly impressed by his ability to draw in his audience effortlessly and his ability to command a room and get people’s undivided attention. His down-to-earth approach and ability to connect with his audience, no matter what the subject, leaves me looking forward to his next presentation. If you’re looking for an encouraging and positive presenter for your next event I recommend you hire Adam. 2016

Adam is an inspirational and highly motivating speaker. I attended his presentation at the recent Job Search Boot Camp in March and thoroughly enjoyed his dynamic delivery, entertaining and lively pitch and the fresh ideas he injected into resume writing, preparing for interviews, creating and expanding one's professional network in Canada. Several of his phrases were very memorable, including the "splash of colour" he suggested adding to resumes to make them stand out. I think this aptly sums up his presentation style. He certainly gives you the push you need to get out there and make new connections and to kick start that tired job search! 2016

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